Our Story

My name is Kristin Bartolo…  I am the owner of Dino’s Lounge and also the grandaughter of Dino.  Here is our story…


Rinaldo Dean Bartolomucci, AKA Dino, came to Las Vegas in the late 50′s.  He was looking for prosperity, because his hometown Salida, CO was small and work was scarce.  He started selling cars and making  good money, and within a few months, he moved his family here.  A few years later he came upon an opportunity to buy a bar called Ringside Liquors.  It was owned by a notorious mobster named Eddie Trascher.  A few years ago, there was a book written about Eddie Trascher and his time as a mobster.  The book has two chapters dedicated  to his time as a gangster at Dinos.

In 1962, Dino bought the bar and the surrounding land for 60,000 dollars.  He quit selling cars and quickly got to work on the bar, changing the name to Dinos.  Dino had  many friends and created an environment where everyone felt at home and welcome.  He was generous , kind, and helped anyone who needed it.  At that point, it truly became a neighborhood bar.  During the years, many changes were made; the front doors were moved and the packaged liquor was no longer sold.  Dino worked here everyday of his entire life, until the last few years when he spent his time golfing and traveling.

He had many other business ventures as the years progressed:  Dinos II , Krackers, The Cow Palace, a couple bars in Pahrump, and even a coin company.  But the one thing that has stood the test of time is Dinos…

Dino had two sons that helped him run his businesses and became part of the legacy.  One of them was my Dad, Chuck.  He was strong, smart and full of life.  He taught me how to work hard, to be honest, and most of all to always stand by your word and live your life with integrity.  Chuck was my hero, my best friend, and I worked alongside him for years learning the ways of Dinos.  He passed very suddenly in 2001 at age 52, and left a hole in my heart that cannot be filled.  The only way I have to cherish their legacy is to work as hard as I can at Dinos and keep the memories of my family alive.

My sister, Casey, and I have owned Dinos for 11 years.   We have created a buzz in Vegas and won many local as well as national awards for Best Dive Bar and Best Karaoke in Las Vegas.  On a typical weekend we are full of the hippest people in town… Everyone feeling welcome and at home with no pretenses to be anything you are not, and the freedom to be whomever you are.  We welcome everyone to enjoy the feeling of history and the unspoken word of comfort and home.

Kristin Bartolo :)

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Dino playing pool with his buddies.
The Dino's Gang
Dino in front of the old packaged liquor wall.
The early years
Dino's original sign stands still today.
Eddie Trascher in front of Ringside
Chuck and Kristin


Enjoy the photo slide show of our past!